How to Fix a Shower Door that Won’t Stay Closed? [All Types]

Having a shower door that won’t stay closed can be frustrating, especially when you need to take your bath. Luckily, fixing a shower door that won’t stay closed isn’t a difficult task.

Shower doors come in different materials, styles, and configurations, which include framed, frameless, hinged, pivot, bi-fold, magnetic, wooden, etc.

shower door not closing

However, they generally fall into three categories – sliding, swinging, and pivot shower doors.

Each category has its unique way of fixing it.

If you have a shower door that won’t stay closed, we outline below actionable tips on how to fix it. Keep reading.

Sliding Shower Doors

If your sliding shower door won’t stay closed, here are actionable steps to get it fixed.

1. Remove Dirt and Debris from the Door Track

The first step is to check the door track (and door surface) for dirt, debris, or any other blockage. The door track usually accumulates lots of dust, dirt and debris – this is common with any sliding door.

Dirt and debris on the door track can prevent the shower door from closing properly or staying closed. If you find any dust, dirt or debris on the track, remove them using a suitable tool.

2. Scrub the Door Track

Some dirt and debris may stick to the door track and will not come out easily. Such dirt and debris may need scrubbing with a hard brush to loosen them up before they come out. If the brush doesn’t loosen up the dirt and debris properly, use white vinegar before scrubbing.

Apply white vinegar to the debris, then allow some time before scrubbing. For stubborn debris, you would need to cover the entire door track with white vinegar. Leave for some time and scrub the entire door track with a stiff-bristle brush.

This method should remove the debris properly. If the brush doesn’t dislodge the stiff debris, then try anything with a rigid edge. However, be careful not to scratch or damage the door track or door surface.

3. Clean the Door Tracks

After scrubbing the door track, you need to remove all the grime. Use folded paper or any other suitable material to remove the grime. You would also need white vinegar.

Most door tracks have weeping holes that allow water to escape from the track. Block these holes and pour the white vinegar into the track. Allow it to sit for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Slide the shower door back and forth repeatedly to clear all the dirt. After then, rinse the door track with lots of water to remove all the residual grime.

4. Adjust the Door Track

Sometimes, a bent door track can cause the shower door not to stay closed. Check to see if the shower door is straight or tilted to one side on the door track. If the door track is bent, you would need to call on a professional plumber to fix it for you.

5. Check and Clean the Door Rollers/Wheels

Another thing to check if your sliding shower door won’t stay closed is the door rollers/wheels. The door rollers/wheels ensure the smooth movement of the shower door. If anything happens to them, your shower door won’t stay closed.

Carefully check the rollers/wheels to see if they are stuck or moving with difficulties. If they have dirt or dust on them, clean them with white vinegar and a brush. You may need to remove the door from the track to clean the rollers/wheels properly.

If the rollers/wheels are clean but the shower door still won’t stay closed, move on to the next step.

6. Adjust the Rollers/Wheels

Another reason why the shower door won’t stay closed even with clean rollers/wheels is that the rollers/wheels are misaligned. Misaligned rollers/wheels would either lower or raise the shower door, causing it to function badly. You need to carefully adjust the level of the rollers/wheels to fix this issue.

You may need to remove the door from its tracks completely to achieve this. Once you adjust the shower door’s rollers/wheels properly, the door should stay closed without any issue. Make sure that poorly adjusted clamps are also properly adjusted.

Add a silicone-based lubricant to the rollers/wheels and the track to make the door move smoothly.

Swinging Shower Doors

If your swinging shower door won’t stay closed, try the following tips.

1. Check and Clean the Hinges

Most swinging shower doors use hinges. The hinges hold the door to the frame. These hinges can rust or become dirty over time due to the accumulation of soap lather.

This will subsequently lead to loose or stuck hinges, preventing the shower door from staying closed. Check your door hinges to see if they are dirty or rusted. If they are dirty or rusted, wash them with a brush and white vinegar solution and rinse with clean water.

This will remove any dirt or rust on the hinges and make them function properly. You may add a silicone-based lubricant to prevent the hinges from drying and getting stuck again.

Lubricate the tracks- If the tracks are dry, they will need to be lubricated. Use a silicone-based lubricant to lubricate the tracks.

2. Tighten Loosened Screws

Sometimes, loosened screws in the hinges are the culprit. Check the screws carefully for any loosened ones. If any is loosened, tighten it properly with a screwdriver.

If any of the screws are worn out and won’t tighten properly, then replace it with a new screw. If a new screw doesn’t work, you need to bore a new hole into the frame to attach the hinges.

3. Replace Damaged hinges

If after examining the hinges, you discover that they are damaged, you need to replace them with new ones. Make sure that the new hinges are of the same size and type as the old hinges.

4. Replace the Adhesive or Magnetic Strip

Some swinging shower doors use an adhesive or magnetic strip to stay closed. Over time, the adhesive strip can get weak while the magnetic strip can get damaged or demagnetized, especially if the bathroom is used by lots of people. Any of these will cause the shower door to lose its ability to stay closed.

The best solution is to remove the old adhesive or magnetic strip and replace it with a new one. This should fix the problem.

Bifold Shower Doors

Bifold shower doors use both hinges and trails. If your bathroom has a bi-fold door that won’t stay closed, you need to check both the hinges and trails. If the track is dirty, clean it with a brush and vinegar to remove any built-up dirt, debris, or soap lather.

If the hinges are rusty, stuck, or dirty, wash them thoroughly with white vinegar. Replace them with new ones if they are worn out or damaged.

Pivot Shower Doors

A pivot shower door rotates on a spindle and doesn’t use hinges or tracks. However, dust and dirt can get into the spindle, preventing the door from rotating freely and staying closed.

If your pivot shower door won’t stay closed, clean the spindle with a brush and vinegar. After then, apply a silicone-based lubricant to the spindle to lubricate it.

Replace the Shower Door

If you have tried all the tips above and your shower door still won’t stay closed, then it is time to replace the door with a new one.

Before you replace the shower door, take accurate measurements of the door opening. This will ensure that you buy a new door that fits perfectly into the opening.

You should also decide on the type of shower door you want. There are many types of shower doors in the market, so choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

To Conclude

A shower door that won’t stay closed is a nuisance. Luckily, there are a few things you can try to fix it. You can try any of the fixes that we’ve outlined above.

If all fails, you can always replace the door with a new one. If you must replace the door, find a good quality product that won’t go bad easily.

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