5 Best Rear Discharge Toilets in Every Price Range!

When it comes to finding the best rear discharge toilet, there are a lot of factors to consider. But don’t worry – we’re here to help!

In this article, we will discuss the different features that you should look for when shopping for a rear discharge toilet.

rear discharge toilet

We’ll also provide some recommendations for the best toilets on the market.

So whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or just looking for an upgrade, read on for the inside scoop on rear discharge toilets!

Signature Hardware 393188 Kennard Dual-Flush European Rear Outlet Skirted ToiletBowl Height: 16.25in.
Weight: 81.25 Pounds
Gallons Per Flush: 0.8/1.6
Material: Porcelain
Editor’s rating: 4.5
SANIFLO 083 Round Toilet BowlBowl Height: 16.75in.
Weight: 59 Pounds
Gallons Per Flush: 1.28
Material: Vitreous china
Editor’s rating: 4.6
Swiss Madison SM-2T120 Calice Dual-Flush Two-Piece Elongated Rear Outlet ToiletBowl Height: 16.75in.
Weight: ‎91 pounds
Gallons Per Flush: 0.8/1.28
Material: Ceramic
Editor’s rating: 4.4
Kohler K-3652-0 Barrington Pressure Lite Toilet with Elongated BowlBowl Height: 15in.
Weight: ‎ 102 Pounds
Gallons Per Flush: 1.0
Editor’s rating: 4.7
American Standard 2876.016.020 Yorkville Pressure-Assist ToiletBowl Height: 15in.
Weight: ‎ 107 Pounds
Gallons Per Flush: 1.6
Material: Ceramic
Editor’s rating: 4.3

Top 7 Rear Discharge Toilets:

We’re starting with the reviews first. You’ll find the buying guide after the review section.

1. Signature Hardware 393188 Kennard Dual-Flush European Rear Outlet Skirted Toilet

“A high-quality two-piece toilet that doesn’t only look great but also does the perfectly. This classic toilet has a fast and powerful flushing action and offers a great value for your money.”

Why We Picked?

This two-piece Signature Hardware 393188 Kennard dual-flush toilet adds both efficiency and luxury to your restroom. Apart from the high-quality material, the rear outlet ensures that the drainpipe is not exposed for better aesthetics.

Who It’s For?

This dual-flush toilet is best suited for those that want to showcase their toilet in a unique style. It’s also for those who want to save water while flushing off toilet wastes.

Detailed Review

Signature Hardware 393188 Kennard is a dual-flush toilet and comes with the option of flushing with either 0.8-GPF or 1.6-GPF. That makes this toilet model great for water conservation. The flush buttons are located on top of the toilet tank.

The toilet bowl height is 16.25in. Coupled with the included elongated plastic seat, the toilet offers amazing comfort. This toilet comes with a P-trap connector, which can be connected to either a 3-inch PVC or an ABS hub fitting.

The P-trap connector can also be connected to a 4-inch PVC or ABS hub fitting using the included rubber seal.

Signature Hardware 393188 Kennard comes with a seamless design that makes it look like a one-piece toilet. It is made of high-quality porcelain with a chrome finish, making it one of the most stylish contenders for your bathroom.

The major drawback with this toilet is that the tank bolts are plastic. You can’t tighten them enough to secure the tank to the toilet bowl. Even at their highest torque, the tank will slightly rock. However, you can replace those and get your metal tank bolt to install the tank efficiently.

Another drawback is the holes for the toilet T bolt that were spaced differently than in regular toilets.

You may not want to sit on the plastic seat. It’s so flimsy and can easily break. Amazingly, this toilet comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Dual-flush functionality for water conservation
  • It has an inbuilt P-trap and comes with a P-trap connector.
  • Made of high-quality and strong porcelain
  • It is stylish
  • The Elongated bowl offers comfort


  • Plastic tank bolts cause the tank to wobble slightly even after tightening.
  • It comes with a flimsy plastic seat, which is not good enough for fat or heavy users
  • The toilet T bolt holes are 6.25in. spacing instead of the usual 5.5in.

2. SANIFLO 083 Round Toilet Bowl

“A vitreous china toilet bowl with a high gloss finish. It has the desired height to meet comfort and aesthetics.”

Why We Picked?

We picked this toilet bowl because of its high-gloss finish, which gives it an easy-to-clean surface. The roundness and soft-close plastic toilet seat make using this toilet bowl a breeze. More so, this toilet bowl can be used with a macerator pump.

Who It’s For?

This toilet bowl is for anyone that loves style and comfort. You’ll love the way it showcases your toilet. It’s also suitable for those that want to install a macerator.

Detailed Review

SANIFLO 083 Round Toilet Bowl comes with a quite simple design that fits almost any space within your home. Being a rear discharge toilet bowl, it won’t need you to break the toilet floor before installation.

This high-efficiency bowl flushes with 1.28 gallons per flush. This makes SANIFLO 083 a great option for water conservation. It is designed with the capacity to flush downwards up to 150ft. and upwards up to 18ft. This is a unique feature that is rarely found in other toilet setups.

SANIFLO 083 toilet bowl doesn’t come with an inbuilt macerator like the SANIFLO 023 Sanicompact bowl. However, it has a space to fit and hide a macerator unit perfectly. It’s not also a tankless bowl like the SANIFLO 023, so you need to get a compatible toilet tank. If you install a macerator, expect this toilet bowl to be a bit noisier.

If you need to install a new toilet in your home, you can’t go wrong with the SANIFLO 083 Round Toilet Bowl. It’ll give you the practicality, functionality, and convenience you desire.

Although it’s a bit expensive, this toilet bowl is worth purchasing as it comes with a three-year warranty.

Avoid using any harsh cleaning materials on this toilet bowl if you want to maintain its durability and long life.


  • Three years warranty
  • Made of high-quality vitreous china
  • The bowl is round and comfortable
  • It can be used with a macerator pump
  • Can flush upwards or downwards
  • 1.28GPF for water conservation


  • Can be a bit noisier due to the maceration
  • It’s more expensive considering that it’s just a bowl

3. Swiss Madison SM-2T120 Calice Dual-Flush Two-Piece Elongated Rear Outlet Toilet

“This is the type of toilet I needed. It works great. The design and aesthetic are excellent, and I found no complaint as regards the construction, design, or materials.”

Why We Picked?

We picked the Swiss Madison SM-2T120 for its compact and easy-to-clean design. It conserves water without compromising its flushing power, while its elongated round bowl provides comfort and style.

Who It’s For?

Swiss Madison SM-2T120 is for those that want to add style and elegance to their bathroom. This sleek rear discharge toilet is perfect for water conservation as it uses little water to flush off toilet wastes.

Detailed Review

Swiss Madison SM-2T120 is a high-performance dual-flush toilet with appreciable water conservation. It uses either 0.8 or 1.28 gallons per flush depending on toilet waste. This enables you to cut down significantly on your water bill annually.

This model comes with a glossy white finish. There is also the SM-2T120MB model with a matte black finish but that is more expensive. Swiss Madison SM-2T120 is perfectly designed to bring ease and comfort to users.

For instance, the elongated toilet bowl offers optimum comfort. The side holes aid easy installation of the toilet bowl on the toilet floor. The concealed trap way in the inbuilt skirt and sleek design allow you to easily clean the toilet bowl. This toilet also has an inbuilt P-trap at the rear outlet.

This toilet comes with all necessary accessories like the tank and toilet bolt replacement kit, wax ring, and cover caps. Swiss Madison SM-2T120 is made of dependable ceramic, ensuring long-lasting durability. The glossy finish resists corrosion and prevents wearing due to everyday use.

Though the plastic seat closes slowly and quietly, it’s a bit flimsy and may break if it carries a large weight. Another downside is the warranty, which is just a year and limited.


  • Made of high-quality ceramic with a glossy finish
  • Has elongated bowl shape for comfort
  • Uses a Tornado Flush mechanism
  • Very compact – looks like a one-piece toilet
  • 0.8/1.28GPF for water conservation


  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty
  • The plastic seat may not handle heavy weights

4. Kohler K-3652-0 Barrington Pressure Lite Toilet with Elongated Bowl (The Best Water-Efficient Toilet)

“This toilet gave a very powerful flush with less water – just one gallon. I can say that this toilet is the most water-efficient rear discharge toilet I’ve ever seen.”

Why We Picked?

We picked Kohler K-3652-0 because of its powerful flush and water efficiency. This toilet is pressure-assisted. It features the Pressure Lite flushing system and uses just 1 gallon per flush. This earns the toilet its EPA’s WaterSense certification.

Who It’s For?

Kohler K-3652-0 is suitable for those who need a toilet that gives a powerful flush with less water. This toilet is also good for those who prefer shorter toilet bowl height. With a bowl height of 15in., tall people may feel uncomfortable using this toilet.   

Detailed Review

If you need a rear discharge toilet from a trusted and reliable brand, the Kohler K-3652-0 is an amazing option. This two-piece toilet is pressure-assisted and is well-known for its thorough and powerful flushing. It’s equipped with the Pressure Lite flushing system.

Each flush uses 1 gallon of water and reliably handles toilet wastes. However, the flush sound may be louder than that of some conventional toilets. Kohler K-3652-0 comes with an elongated bowl that gives both performance and comfort.

There are so many features you’ll like about Kohler K-3652-0. However, there are a few shortcomings with this toilet model. It’s relatively expensive but this is fine for a high-quality toilet. More so, it gives excellent value for your money.

The bowl height of 15in. is another major concern. Tall users may feel uncomfortable or disappointed with this short height. Another drawback is that this two-piece toilet doesn’t come with a toilet seat and water hose like other toilets. Apart from these small drawbacks, Kohler K-3652-0 is an attractive and functional toilet.


  • It is a pressure-assisted toilet
  • Has elongated bowl shape for comfort
  • It’s highly water efficient. It uses one gallon per flush
  • Gives a powerful flush
  • Available in three colors – white, biscuit, ad black


  • Has shorter bowl height
  • It doesn’t come with a toilet seat

5. American Standard 2876.016.020 Yorkville Pressure-Assist Elongated Toilet

“If you don’t care about the loud flushing sound, this toilet does a perfect job. It flushes very well and comes at a reasonable price.”

Why We Picked?

The American Standard 2876.016.020 is a pressure-assist toilet. It gives a very powerful flush that eliminates any clogs and keeps your toilet bowl clean and fresh. More so, it’s a dual-flush toilet and helps with water conservation.

Who It’s For?

If you need a rear-discharge toilet with a powerful flush and low water usage, this toilet is your best pick. It’s also a great pick for those looking for an attractive, classic but simple toilet.

Detailed Review

The American Standard 2876.016.020 is just like the Kohler K-3652-0 reviewed above but with a more powerful pressure-assist system. The pressure-assist flush can work within the recommended pressure of 25 to 80 PSI to deliver 1.6 gallons per flush.

This high GPF makes this toilet look less water-efficient than other toilets on this list. Nevertheless, it gives super strong flushes that will give you a clean and fresh bowl – thanks to the pressure-assist system. You need not fear about your toilet getting clogged.

The American Standard 2876.016.020 gives a loud flush. This is normal with most other pressure-assisted toilets and with time, you’ll get used to it. This toilet is designed such that the outlet pipe is invisible in the bathroom. The rear of the toilet meets closely with the bathroom wall.

The toilet is made of ceramic but coated with EverClean surface additive, which prevents the growth of bacteria, mildew, mold, and so on. This makes the toilet fast and easy to clean.

Just like the Kohler K-3652-0, this toilet has a bowl height of 15in. and is not ADA-compliant. This may be a major concern for tall people. This toilet is also not WaterSense certified because it uses 1.6GPF water. Lastly, it doesn’t come with a toilet seat and installation hardware. You have to buy these accessories separately.

Notwithstanding, the American Standard 2876.016.020 is a good toilet choice. It comes with four-bolt caps, a chrome metal trip lever, and a one-year warranty.


  • It comes with a pressure-assist system
  • It gives a very powerful flush
  • Has elongated bowl shape for comfort
  • It’s highly water efficient
  • It comes with a 2.125in. trap way


  • Has shorter bowl height
  • It doesn’t come with a toilet seat or installation hardware

What Features to Look for While Buying a Rear-Discharge Toilet?

When shopping for a rear discharge toilet, there are a few things to keep in mind: 

1. Size of the toilet

The size of the toilet is important because you need to make sure that it will fit in your bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, you might want to consider a compact rear discharge toilet.

But if you have a larger bathroom, you can go for a full-size model.

Just be sure to measure your space before making a purchase!

2. Flush system

Rear discharge toilets use a different flush system than traditional toilets. Make sure you are comfortable with the way the toilet flushes before you buy it.

It’s also a good idea to read reviews to see what other people think about the flush system.

Some rear discharge toilets have a dual flush system, which allows you to choose between a full or partial flush.

This can be helpful if you’re trying to conserve water.

Other models have a single flush system, which is fine if you don’t mind using a little more water.

It’s really up to you which flush system you prefer.

Just be sure to do your research before making the decision.

3. Capacity of the Tank

No matter whether the toilet uses less or more water, you will always want to have a larger tank. This is necessary so the toilet can accommodate a full flush without running out of water too soon.

A larger tank will also mean that you are prepared for a large quantity of waste that may cause unsightly issues sometimes with a small tank.

4. Price

Rear discharge toilets can be more expensive than traditional models. Keep this in mind as you shop around. 

But remember – you get what you pay for!

A rear discharge toilet is a great investment, and it will last you for many years.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Rear Discharge Toilets?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using a rear discharge toilet. 

Some of the benefits include:

They’re easy to install

Most rear discharge toilets come with everything you need for installation. And since they don’t require any special hookups, they’re usually pretty easy to install.

They’re powerful

Rear discharge toilets have a powerful flush, so they can easily handle the waste.

This is especially important if you have a large family or if you entertain guests often.

They’re compact

If you have a small bathroom, a rear discharge toilet might be a good option for you. These toilets are typically more compact than traditional toilets, so they’ll save you some valuable space.

Now let’s take a look at some of the potential drawbacks:

They’re more expensive

Rear discharge toilets usually cost more than traditional models. But as we mentioned before, you get what you pay for!

They require special cleaners

Because rear discharge toilets are installed differently than traditional toilets, you might need to use special cleaners for some of them.

They’re not as common

If you’re looking for a rear discharge toilet, you might have a hard time finding one. They’re not as common as traditional toilets, so you might have to purchase them online on most occasions.

However, that’s not an issue in the 21st century.

The real issue is finding the replacement parts if anything goes wrong.


A rear discharge toilet is a great option for anyone who wants a powerful flush and easy installation. Just keep in mind that they might cost more than traditional toilets and that you might need to use special cleaners for them.

Do your research before making a purchase, and you’ll be sure to And the perfect rear discharge toilet for your needs!

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