How to Remove Objects from Toilet Trap? [5 Ways]

If you have ever had to remove an object from a toilet trap, you know that it can be a daunting and messy task.

Not only is it difficult to get the object out of the trap without making a mess, but it can also be dangerous if you try to do it yourself.

removing stuck object from toilet trap

In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to remove objects from a toilet trap without making a mess or injuring yourself.

Ways to Remove Objects from Toilet Trap

Removing an object from the toilet trap may look awkward, but it’s easier than you think with these simple options:

1. Pull It Out with Your Hand

Different objects can accidentally drop into the toilet bowl and get stuck to the toilet trap. If these objects are not what you can forgo or are too big, the easiest way to remove them is by pulling them out with your hands. This is the best option if you can see and reach the object with your hand.

For an object that you can easily pull out of the toilet bowl, don’t attempt to flush the toilet. Doing this may send the object down the drain if possible. If you need to take out some water from the toilet bowl, you should do this gently using a foam or sponge.

Before you do that, make sure to put on a pair of gloves. After taking out some water, slowly slip your hand into the toilet trap and grab the object. If you can’t see the object, wiggle your fingers in the toilet trap to feel it, and pull it out.

2. Use a Hook or Magnet (for metallic objects)

If you can see or feel the object but can’t grab it with your hands, try to use a wire hook to get it out. This is the best option for objects like keys or objects with a hole key holder. Slip the wire hook into the toilet trap, turn it gently to hook on the object, and pull it to get the object out.

It may take several attempts before getting the object out of the toilet trap, just be patient. Sometimes, a wire loop may be more effective than a wire hook. More so, be careful not to push the object further into the toilet trap using the wire hook or loop.

If you don’t have a wire hook, you can repurpose your metal hanger into a hook. Using a magnet can be very effective at pulling out metallic objects like spoons, forks, keys, and so on. Attach a magnet to a sling, slide it into the toilet trap, and pull out the metallic object.

Be careful with the wire hook, wire loop, or magnet to avoid scratching or damaging the ceramic or porcelain toilet bowl.

3. Use a Toilet Plunger

If the two options above won’t remove the stuck object from the toilet trap, that means removing the object requires a more intense solution. This and subsequent options should be more effective, especially if the object is not too important and you don’t mind losing it.

If the object is stuck deeper into the toilet trap, you can use a toilet plunger to remove it. This method doesn’t require you to take out water from the toilet bowl. Get a toilet plunger and give the toilet bowl several good thrusts.

The applied force should be enough to either pull or push the object out of the toilet trap. If not, give a few more plunges to get the item out. After removing the stuck object, clean the plunger thoroughly to keep it in optimal condition.

3. Use a Toilet Auger

Perhaps, the vacuum pressure from the plunger is not enough to dislodge the object from the toilet trap. A toilet auger should do better. Insert the end of the auger into the toilet trap and turn the handle in a clockwise direction to unwind into the toilet trap.

The auger rotates and can push the object down the drain. Depending on the object, the auger may also drill into the object and stick to it. In that case, you can pull the auger out with the object by turning it steadily in a counterclockwise direction.

4. Try a Declogger

If the object is stuck into the toilet trap because it’s entangled in a clog or debris, use a de-clogger. Declogging or dissolving the debris may let the object slip down the toilet trap into the drain. Be careful when choosing a de-clogger, chemical decloggers may be harmful to your health, environment, and plumbing fixtures.

Pour the de-clogger into your toilet bowl and allow it to sit for some hours before flushing directly with hot water. This should push the dissolved clogs and object down the toilet drain. If you can’t lay your hand on a de-clogger without harsh chemicals, then use white vinegar and baking soda.

5. Uninstall the Toilet Bowl

When you’ve tried all the above options and none worked, the only solution is to uninstall the toilet bowl to remove the object from the trap. Uninstalling a toilet bowl is a more complicated task and you may choose to call on a professional plumber.

However, if you have some plumbing skills, follow these steps to uninstall the toilet bowl:

  • Shut off the water supply to the toilet tank.
  • Flush the toilet and remove the water from the toilet bowl.
  • Open the toilet tank lid and remove the remaining water from the toilet tank.
  • Disconnect the water supply hose from the toilet tank.
  • Unscrew the toilet bolts from inside the toilet tank or loosen the corresponding nuts on the toilet tank.
  • Remove the plastic caps on the toilet T bolts and loosen the nuts on the bolts.
  • Rock the toilet bowl gently and lift it off the toilet flange
  • Place the toilet bowl upside down and look through the bottom for the stuck object.


Knowing how to remove a stuck object from a toilet trap is useful. Most of the time, you can use household items like a wire loop or magnet. If these don’t work, then a plunger or auger would do the trick.

In extreme cases where none of these options works, the last option is to uninstall the toilet bowl and look for the stuck object from the bottom. If you don’t have the required skills, it is best to call on a professional plumber.

Whichever option you choose, always take safety precautions to avoid any injuries or damages.

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