How to Remove a Price Pfister Bathroom Faucet?

It’s quite irritating when your Price Pfister bathroom faucet no longer functions as it’s supposed to.

Sometimes, what is required to restore your smooth shower experience is just a quick and easy fix.

how to remove pfister bathroom faucet

So, knowing how to take the faucet apart may save you a whole lot of time and some plumbing costs.

Follow the information below to find out how to remove a Price Pfister bathroom faucet.

When Should I Remove the Price Pfister Bathroom Faucet?

You only need to remove the Price Pfister bathroom faucet when it malfunctions or stops working. Your Price Pfister bathroom faucet may malfunction or stop working due to several reasons. Common reasons include a bad aerator, bad handle, and faulty cartridge.

Any of these occurrences can ruin your smooth shower experience.

Whenever you notice any of the following warning signs, then it’s time to remove the Pfister bathroom faucet to fix the problem:

  • Continuous dripping of water from the faucet
  • Leaking faucet handles
  • Loose faucet handle

Any further delay after noticing any of the signs listed above may escalate the problem and lead to a mess.

Not to worry though, there are easy and effective ways to sort those problems out, read on to find the solutions-

How to Remove Price Pfister Water Faucet?

Removing a Price Pfister water faucet is an easy task and takes only a few minutes as long as you’re using the right tools. These tools include-

  • Wrench (Allen, adjustable, crescent)
  • Pliers
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver (in place of an Allen wrench)
  • A piece of soft cloth

Once you have gotten the right tools, follow these steps to remove a Price Pfister water faucet:

First, empty the sink cabinet to create more room.

Then insert the drain plug/stopper to prevent screws or any other smaller parts from slipping down the drain.

Turn off the cold and hot water supply. If you don’t do this, you risk overflowing the sink. Also, turn on the faucet to drain it completely and reset the overall pressure.

Using either a wrench, pliers, or any suitable tool, unscrew the connectors to remove the faucet supply hoses from the shutoff valves.

Disconnect the hoses that connect the sprayer and spout to the faucet diverter.

Lastly, loosen the nuts holding the faucet to the sink deck using a wrench or any suitable tool.

Once you have loosened and removed the nuts, lift the faucet off the sink deck and you have successfully removed the water faucet.

How to Remove the Price Pfister Faucet Handle?

To access a faulty cartridge, you’ll first need to remove the faucet handle first. Depending on the design (set screw or hub), there are two ways to remove the faucet handle.

To remove a Price Pfister faucet handle with a set screw design, use a flathead screwdriver to remove the small plate that covers the screw at the base of the handle.

Then loosen the screw using a wrench and lift up the faucet handle. You’re done removing the faucet handle.

If it’s a hub design, then there is no screw. Simply loosen and remove the handle by turning it counter-clockwise from the base.

You need to grip the handle tightly but if it feels so hard to turn, you can use a wrench for more control.

Wrap the handle with a piece of cloth or towel before grabbing it gently with the wrench.

How to Fix A Price Pfister Bathroom Faucet?

As stated above, common problems with a Price Pfister bathroom faucet include a bad/clogged aerator, a bad handle, and a faulty cartridge.

The aerator is usually located at the tip of the spout. Most aerators can be removed by turning them in a counter-clockwise direction. You can apply a little effort or use a suitable tool as long as it won’t damage the finish. Removing some aerators requires a special tool, which may or not be included in the faucet pack.

After removing the aerator, check if the screen has been clogged up or accumulating debris, tape, or minerals. Using a brush or a soft cloth, remove the clogs from the aerator.

Also, check the washer for debris before replacing the aerator. If the problem persists, the aerator is possibly cracked or damaged and needs a replacement.

If it’s a bad or loose handle, you can tighten it properly. Otherwise, the faucet cartridge is faulty and needs cleaning or a replacement.

Now that you have removed the Price Pfister faucet and its handle, you have access to the inside to remove and replace the faulty cartridge.

A faucet cartridge resembles a threaded pipe with an O-ring in the middle, a compression washer at the base, and a retainer nut.

Loosen the cartridge by using a suitable tool to turn the retainer nut counter-clockwise. It’s usually tightened very hard, so it’s normal if it feels so hard to turn. Simply apply a little more effort.

After loosening the cartridge, take it out. You may need pliers to pull out the cartridge. Check if there are debris or deposits of mineral residue on the cartridge. Fix, clean, and replace the cartridge. Check also if the O-ring is slack.

In most cases, a dismantled cartridge may no longer work well. It is advisable to replace the faulty cartridge with a new cartridge.

Make sure that the new cartridge has an O-ring in the middle.

Also, most old cartridges have brass bonnets while new ones have plastic bonnets. If your old cartridge uses a brass bonnet, this brass bonnet must be used in your new cartridge – remove the plastic bonnet.

Whether you’re fixing an old cartridge or installing a new one, always soak out any water in the faucet shank using a soft cloth.

The faucet shank must be as dry as possible before reinserting the cartridge. You should also check the O-ring around the collar base.

How to Reassemble A Price Pfister Faucet?

After clearing debris or clogs from the assembly and cleaning or replacing the old cartridge with a new one, it’s time to reassemble your Price Pfister faucet.

First, replace the cartridge and tighten the retainer nut using a wrench. Ensure that the O-rings are properly set in place.

Place the handle firmly on the cartridge and tighten it by turning it clockwise from the base.

If the handle has a set screw design, use a screwdriver to tighten the screw and replace the small plate to cover it.

You should also reconnect the water supply and run the faucet to test it. If any of the problems persist, repeat the steps in “How to Fix A Price Pfister Bathroom Faucet” above until the fix is complete. 


We believe that this post has broadened your knowledge on how to remove a Price Pfister bathroom faucet.

Now you can take your Price Pfister bathroom faucet apart to clean or fix it. Don’t forget to always replace with genuine new parts only.

Although the Price Pfister bathroom faucet comes in several different designs, these generic steps are applicable to almost all recent designs – perhaps with only a slight variation.

Please note that this post is only informational. If the problem isn’t fixed, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice.

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