How to Protect Bathroom Floor Around Toilet from Urine?

When it comes to bathroom floors, there’s one thing everyone is concerned about: urine.

How can you protect your bathroom floor around the toilet from urine so that it doesn’t become stained or damaged? Here are some tips to help you out.

protect toilet floor from urine

Steps to Protect Bathroom Floor from Urine

Here are effective ways to protect your bathroom floor around the toilet bowl from urine:

Use the Toilet Properly

This is the best and cheapest practice to protect your toilet floor from urine. Surprisingly, some people, especially males, don’t always observe proper toilet practice when using the toilet.

When they pee, they tend to miss inside the toilet bowl but splatter urine on the toilet seat and floor.

This is common when peeing at night. Sometimes, no matter how well some men and little boys aim inside the toilet bowl, urine still trickles back on the toilet seat and floor. This happens if they don’t properly stand over the toilet bowl and aim for the optimal part before peeing.

Proper toilet use requires you to sit over the toilet bowl when you want to pee or poo. Does this sound weird to you? This way, you can be sure that your pee will go directly into the toilet bowl without splashing on the seat or trickling on the floor.

It’s quite possible to ignore this practice but putting a reminder sign on the door or in the toilet can do the magic.

You can teach your children how to observe proper toilet use so that it will become their common practice when they grow up.

Use Urine Splash Guards

Normally, sick or weak adults can’t observe proper toilet use even if they know the right rules. When such adults use the toilet, some urine will definitely spill on the toilet floor due to their old age and/or physical weakness. Hence, it’s better to choose a better way to avoid urine spillage.

Another way to protect the bathroom floor around the toilet from urine is to use a pee splash guide. The urine splash guard is an egg-shaped plastic deflector. It is installed on the toilet seat to ensure that no urine deflects from the toilet bowl.

This reason does not indicate any fault that the floor is being damaged by negligence. Those who are unable to walk can do so. Therefore, it is better to use conventional ways to avoid floor damage by urination.

Whether you’re sitting or standing to pee, the pee guard keeps the urine within the toilet bowl. This is ideal for little kids and/or the elderly that have issues missing the toilet bowl while peeing.

Use Absorbent Toilet Mats

The above methods may not be effective for adults with special needs, such as incontinence problems. When you can’t help but spill some urine on the toilet floor when you pee, using an absorbent toilet mat can be the best alternative.

These toilet mats differ from traditional bathroom rugs because they come in a U shape that fits around the bottom of the toilet bowl. This unique design makes the mat effective and able to easily catch any urine splash.

These mats are disposable, which means you can easily dispose of them once they are soaked up. This way, you won’t be cleaning urine off the toilet floor regularly. More so, these mats add aesthetics to your toilet.

Get an absorbent mat with a rubber backing. This prevents slipping. In place of a disposable mat, you can also use a disposable carpet.

Use Washable Toilet Floor Mats

If the method above isn’t economical for you, you can try using a washable toilet floor protector instead. Just like the disposable mats above, these washable mats have good absorption power. However, they are more cost-effective because you won’t discard them after a single use.

Though these mats can be used repeatedly, you should wash them regularly else they will become unhygienic and smelly. Using washable toilet floor mats can also relieve fatigue and pressure on your feet while pooping. It also protects the floor tiles and grout from stains.

These washable mats can add to the décor of your toilet. We recommend that you buy two washable toilet floor mats so that you can use one while you wash the other.

Use Anti-Pee Coating

Using an anti-pee coating on your toilet floor can also protect the floor from urine. Normally, the spilled urine can damage the tiles but the anti-pee coating can protect the floor and tiles from damage.

Applying one or all of these methods above should protect your bathroom floor around the toilet from urine. We recommend that you apply caulk to the base of the toilet bowl. This will prevent any urine that spills on the floor from seeping into the base of the toilet to damage it.


There are many ways to protect your bathroom floor from urine. We recommend using one or more of the methods we have listed, such as absorbent toilet mats, disposable carpets, or an anti-pee coating.

Applying caulk to the base of your toilet will also help prevent any urine from seeping into the base and damaging it.

And the most important thing? Not spilling urine on the floor in the first place. So, take initiative to educate the family members on bathroom etiquette.

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