How to Make Toilet Flush Quieter? [Secret Tips]

It is often very frustrating when the toilet flushes too loudly and disrupts the peace and quiet in the home.

Fortunately, there are some ways that you can make your toilet flush quieter. Read on for some tips.

reduce flushing noise

1. Check the Flush Valve

If the unpleasant noise comes from the toilet tank when flushing, it’s possible that the problem is with the flush valve.

Open the toilet tank and check the flush mechanism, are they properly aligned? Are they tightened properly?

Your toilet is possibly giving a noisy flush because the flush mechanism is not properly aligned or tightened. Try to align and tighten the flush mechanism properly and see if that fixes the noisy flush.

2. Get A Quiet Flush Valve

If the method above doesn’t work, replacing the old noisy flush valve with a new but quiet one should solve the problem. Luckily, you don’t need to replace the entire toilet tank to get a quiet flush valve.

You can always buy a quiet flush valve separately and install it in your toilet bowl. Make sure that the new flush valve is compatible with your toilet model.

Installing a new flush valve is not difficult and you can easily do it yourself.

3. Clean Your Toilet Bowl

If the annoying noise comes from the toilet bowl when flushing, it’s possible that the problem is within the toilet bowl.

Most toilet bowls now have inlet holes, which are located around but under the bowl’s rim. These inlet holes jet out water systematically to flush the toilet.

These modern toilet bowls also have a siphon jet, which is a small hole opposite the discharge opening. When you flush, water comes out of the siphon jet to push waste up into the S-tube.

With time, bacteria, mineral deposits, or dirt/debris can partially clog these holes. When this happens, water will jet out with higher pressure, causing the flushing to be louder than usual. To relieve this pressure, you need to clean your toilet bowl.

Cleaning your toilet bowl, especially these holes, will remove these clogs and make your toilet flush quieter.

You also need to clean the toilet tank if it’s dirty or rusty. If your water is hard, you would need to clean your toilet tank and bowl more often and use a water softener.

4. Reduce the Water in the Toilet Tank

Are you surprised at this? Sometimes having a lot of water in your toilet tank can cause noisy flushes. More reason why toilets with a large tank are noisier when flushing.

Open the tank lid and check if the water in the tank is more than enough to flush the waste. If yes, reduce the water level in the tank by slightly adjusting the fill mechanism. You can also take out some water from the tank to reduce the current water level.

Reducing the amount of water in the toilet tank means less water will flow into the toilet bowl for flushing. This will not only help to make your toilet flush quieter but also save water.

5. Soundproof the Toilet Tank

If buying a quiet flush valve is not in your budget and other methods seem not to work, then block the noise.

Soundproofing your toilet tank is an easier way to make your toilet flush quieter. While this method doesn’t eliminate the flushing sound, it blocks off the irritating noise.

You can easily soundproof your toilet tank using adhesive foam tape. Get an adhesive foam tape from a local store and do these:

  • Open the toilet tank and clean the top edges.
  • Stick the adhesive foam tape around the top edges.
  • Also, stick the adhesive foam tape around the edges of the tank lid.
  • Close the toilet tank and press down the lid lightly to enable it to stick tightly to the edges of the tank.

The adhesive foam tape creates an airtight seal around the toilet tank. This means that no flushing sound will escape from inside the toilet tank to cause annoying noise.

Please note that this method is only effective if the sound is from the tank. Also, apply this method if all the components in your toilet tank are functioning properly except for the flushing noise.

6. Adjust the Water Inflow

This last method involves checking and adjusting your fill valve. Both the fill and flush valves work together for an efficient flushing system. But sometimes, the fill valve is the culprit that gives the irritating sound.

Once the flush valve releases water into the toilet bowl from the toilet tank, the fill valve refills the tank immediately. The speed and pressure with which the fill valve releases water into the tank can be noisy.

Luckily, you can reduce the speed and pressure of the water inflow through the inlet valve to make your toilet flush quieter. However, this will, in turn, increase the tank’s fill-up time.

To Conclude

There are several ways that you can make your toilet flush quieter. We have outlined 6 methods in this article that should help to reduce the noise level when flushing.

While some methods are more effective than others, we recommend trying out a few until you find one that works best for you.

We hope this guide was helpful. If you have further questions, please let us know in the comment section below.

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