How to Get Rid of Sulphur Smell in Toilet?

Sulfur smell in the toilet can be really unpleasant and embarrassing. It can make your home smell bad and also cause health problems.

In this article, we will discuss the causes of the sulfur smell in toilets and some tips to get rid of it.

sulphur smell in toilet

Why Does My Toilet Smell Like Sulfur?

Your toilet can smell like Sulphur for several different reasons, which include the following:

Dry Toilet Trap

If your toilet smells like Sulphur, the first point of focus is the toilet trap – could be S-trap or P-trap.

The toilet trap usually traps and holds water, which prevents sewer gasses from escaping from the drain into your home. Hence, the water in the toilet trap helps to absorb and seal any foul smell.

However, if the toilet trap gets dry, then the seal is broken, allowing awful sewer gasses to enter the bathroom.

The water in the toilet trap can get dry when the toilet is not used frequently. A leaking toilet trap will not also hold water.

Clogs or Blockages in the Toilet or Sewer Drain

Another reason why your toilet can smell like Sulphur is a clogged toilet, sewer drain, and/or septic tank.

When the toilet, sewer drain, or septic tank is clogged, sewage will no longer flow properly into the septic tank.

Hence, unpleasant sewer gasses will find their way up into the entire bathroom where you’ll perceive them.

Breakage or Leakage in The Sewer Drain

This is a more serious culprit. When there is a break or leak within the sewer drain system, an awful Sulphur smell will creep out into your toilet.

The foul smell can go beyond just the toilet to make your entire house smell awful.

Damaged Sealing Ring

There can also be leakage at the toilet flange between the toilet bowl and the sewage drain. This will also cause a bad smell to ooze out, especially when you flush.  

When the wax ring sealing or toilet flange becomes damaged, it may allow sewer gasses to leak into the toilet. This is a common issue with wobbling toilets.

How to Remove Sulphur Smell from Toilet?

Here’s what to do to remove the Sulphur smell from your toilet:

Refill the Toilet Trap

As said above, water in the toilet trap usually prevents sewer odors from coming into your bathroom. If this water gets dry, an awful Sulphur smell can rise into the toilet.

You can easily get rid of this Sulphur smell by pouring some water into the toilet bowl. Doing this will refill the toilet trap with water and prevent foul Sulphur smells. You may add some lemon juice to the water to give your toilet a fresh smell.

If this doesn’t stop the foul smell, pour white vinegar or chlorine bleach down the toilet trap. Flush your toilet after a few minutes. This should neutralize the bacteria and smell.

Give Your Toilet A Perfect Cleaning

This is the first thing to do if you perceive a Sulphur smell in your toilet. Using a cleaning solution and disinfectant, give your toilet a perfect cleaning in and out. Doing this will eliminate the awful smell and any lurking bacteria.

Make a paste by combining baking soda with lemon juice in a container. Apply the paste around the toilet base, where it meets with the toilet floor. Apply the paste also inside and around the toilet rim.

Leave the paste to sit there for about 10 minutes. Using a spray bottle, spray some white vinegar on the paste.

There will be some fizzing and foaming when the ingredients react together. Just wait for a few more minutes.

After that, wipe away all of the dirty residues with a rag and wash your toilet with any good toilet cleaner. Also, wash your toilet tank. This should remove the stinky Sulphur odors.

Flush Your Toilet

You can also eliminate the Sulphur smell from your toilet by flushing with lemon juice and baking soda. Flushing doesn’t only replace the water in the toilet trap, the ingredients can unclog the toilet and eliminate the bad smells.

Add some lemon juice to the toilet bowl followed by an equal part of baking soda. Let the two ingredients react for about 15 minutes in the toilet bowl before flushing. This should remove any clog along the drain and replace the Sulphur smell with a fresh lemon scent.

Apply Bleach

Sometimes, removing the Sulphur smell in the toilet might go beyond using mild cleansers. In such a case, applying bleach might be necessary. When working with bleach, put on a pair of gloves and keep your toilet well-ventilated.

Add a part of bleach to 10 parts of water. Pour the solution into the toilet tank and flush your toilet with it. Allow this to sit for some time before flushing with ordinary water.

All the steps above will help you to get rid of the Sulphur smell in the toilet. However, they may not fix the source of the Sulphur smell, especially if a dry toilet trap is not the culprit.

Therefore, you must contact a professional plumber to find out the exact cause of the Sulphur odor and fix it for you.

To Conclude

A Sulphur smell in the toilet is usually a result of a dry toilet trap or a damaged wax ring sealing. The foul smell can also be caused by leakage at the toilet flange.

The best way to remove the Sulphur smell from your toilet is by refilling the toilet trap, cleaning your toilet, and flushing with lemon juice and baking soda. If these don’t work, apply bleach to the toilet.

You should always contact a professional plumber to find out the exact cause of the Sulphur odor and fix it for you.

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