Comfort Height vs Standard Height Toilets: What’s Healthy?

Are you confused about the difference between Comfort Height and Standard Height toilets? You’re not alone.

In fact, many people are unsure of the benefits of each type of toilet.

standard height vs comfort height toilet

This article will help to clear up any confusion and provide information on both types of toilets.

Comparison Between Comfort Height & Standard Height Toilets

Here we go with different factors where these two types of toilet differ-

1. Toilet Bowl Height

Toilets with a comfort height are 17 to 19 inches tall from floor to seat. Whereas toilets with standard height are 14 to 16 inches.

Comfort height toilets, also called chair height toilets, are built to comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. These are as tall as a normal chair, which makes them more comfortable than standard height toilets.

However, choosing between the standard or comfort height depends on several factors. These factors include your height as comfort height toilets are more comfortable for taller people. Another factor is the presence of any physical challenge, that is the disabled, elderly, or injured people.

2. Comfort of Use

When finding the best toilet bowl, your height is one of the major considerations. The best toilet bowl should offer comfortable use, enabling you to rest your feet on the toilet floor. You should be able to also sit on and stand up from the toilet bowl effortlessly.

Hence, a standard height toilet is the better option for short people, children, and those with a small stature.

You wouldn’t want your legs or feet to dangle in the air, this usually causes numbness, stress, and/or leg pain. More so, a short person will find it difficult to sit on and stand up from a comfort height toilet.

A comfort height seat, on the other hand, is ideal for tall individuals. For instance, if a tall person sits on a standard height toilet, the knees will be overly raised. This makes sitting in an upright position a painful or impossible task.

Also, additional height plays a crucial role in providing comfort for the disabled, elderly, and those with difficulties standing from a low position.

In a nutshell, a comfort height toilet offers more comfort for tall people and those with mobility issues.

While a standard height toilet offers more comfort for short people, children, and those with a small stature.

3. Sitting Position Constipation Problems

Most people don’t know that their sitting position on the toilet bowl directly affects how comfortably they pass their bowels.

From research, it has been found that higher toilet bowls make passing out bowels more difficult. As a result, standard height toilets are ideal for those with constipation problems as they aid proper bowel evacuation.

Are you still amazed at how toilet height affects bowel movement? Proper bowel evacuation is facilitated when you’re in a squat position – when your knees are slightly above your hips.

This position offers your hips excellent positioning and your rectum aligns properly with the anus for a complete bowel evacuation.

By the way, this squat-like posture also prevents hemorrhoids. This is another plus for standard height toilets.

People with constipation problems can find their problem more difficult while using comfort height toilets.

However, if you already have a comfort height toilet, you may use a step stool to achieve this posture.

4. Toilet Cost

Generally, standard height toilets are a bit more expensive than comfort height toilets. On average, standard height toilets can cost between $200 to $400+ whereas the range is somewhere around $100 to $300+ for comfort height toilets.

However, if you go for high-quality and well-known brands like Kohler, TOTO, Drake, and American Standard, expect to pay more.

Comparison Table on Standard Height vs Comfort Height Toilet

Below is a table summarizing the differences between the comfort height toilets and the standard height toilets based on dimensions, usage, and useful features.

 Comfort Height ToiletsStandard Height Toilets
Toilet height (no seat)16 to 18 inches14 to 15 inches
Toilet height (with seat)17 to 19 inches15 to 16 inches
CostLess expensiveMore expensive
Other namesChair height toilets, ADA-compliant height toiletsRegular height toilets, Traditional height toilets
Constipation Issues:Less effective. Works for only tall individuals and not for short peopleMore effective for constipation problems. Facilitates proper bowel evacuation and also prevents hemorrhoids
Better forTall adults, the disabled, the elderly, and those having trouble standingChildren and short people
Commonly used inBoth homes and commercial placesHomes
ComfortOnly tall people will find it more comfortableOnly children and people with a short height will find it more comfortable
Children useNot for kidsGreat for kids

Similarities Between Comfort and Standard Height Seats

Despite the differences between the comfort and standard height toilets, both toilets have their similarities, which include the following:

Bowl Shape

Both comfort and standard height toilets are available in three main shapes, which are elongated, round, and compact elongated.

However, some toilet brands manufacture their comfort height toilets only in an elongated shape.

Flush mechanism

Both toilets may come with the same flush mechanisms as there is usually no significant difference in their inner mechanism.

The flush mechanism can either be the traditional ball/cup or pressure-assisted flush mechanism.


Both toilets can be found in different styles, colors, and materials. Both toilets are also available either as one- or two-piece toilets.

Note that one-piece toilets are more modern and expensive than two-piece toilets, they are also sleeker and easier to clean.


The comfort and standard height toilets have essentially the same way of installation – either one- or two-piece toilets.

As a result, both toilets also come with the same installation cost.

Top Picks for Comfort Height and Standard Height Toilets

To better differentiate the comfort and standard height toilets and guide you in your choice, here are two great options:

Best Comfort Height Toilet: Convenient Height Super Tall Toilet

“Very tall toilet without a booster or extensions. Suitable for taller people, seniors, and anyone with mobility problems.”

Why Did We Pick?

We found this toilet to be very reliable and simple to use. We picked it because of the ease of use and comfort it gives to tall users. It enables them to sit up straight easily and get up without any issue.

Who Is It For?

Convenient Height Super Tall Toilet is especially for taller people. It’s also for the elderly, the disabled, and anyone who has mobility problems.

Detailed Review

The name says it all. If you’re looking for the most comfortable and convenient toilet for taller people, get this toilet from the Convenient Height brand. This toilet is also suitable for seniors, the disabled, or those who find it hard standing from a low position.

This toilet is specially designed for safe sitting for those with special needs. It features a 20-inch bowl (floor to rim), which makes it extra-tall than the ADA-compliant height. The height enables tall people and seniors to sit down and stand up from the bowl more easily.

This means more bathroom safety as it will prevent unnecessary falls and eliminates the need for step stools/elevated riser seats. However, this toilet is not convenient for kids, short people, and adults with small stature.

This Convenient Height toilet is not only tall and slender but also comes with great design and high performance.

It’s a two-piece toilet with a 3.5-inch solid metal handle, dual flush (0.9GPF/1.28GPF), and a 1-inch slow-close seat. It also features a powerful gravity-based flush and an efficient trapway that both aid a powerful flush.

Instead of the usual S-shape trapway in most toilet bowls, this toilet features a P-like trapway – thanks to the height. This toilet is not only water-efficient but also silent-closing. It features a slow-closing toilet seat that closes softly at a tap, this means no irritating slamming sound.

The sturdy toilet seat is made of high-quality durable material. It offers maximum sitting comfort and can withstand heavy weight. Cleaning the seat is a breeze as it can be easily removed for cleaning. If you’re unsure about which comfort height toilet to choose, this toilet is worth trying.


  1. Features a dual flush system for water conservation
  2. Extra tall seat for taller people and those that can’t rise from a low position
  3. Solid metal handle made to last
  4. ADA-compliant height
  5. Comes with a soft-close seat


  1. The seat is not so stable
  2. The height is not comfortable for kids and short users

Best Standard Height Toilet: American Standard 2887218.020 Toilet

“A sleek and modern standard height toilet with a dual-flush option to conserve water.”

Why Did We Pick?

This H2Option toilet has an efficient and powerful flushing system due to its 4-inch flush valve. It is also very comfortable, easy to use, and easy to clean.

Who Is It For?

Perfect for those who need a compact and easy-to-clean toilet. It’s comfortable for kids and short people. Amazingly, this toilet is also ideal for the disabled.

Detailed Review

This H2Option toilet is one of the best standard height toilets on the market. It’s available in round, elongated, and compact-elongated shapes. This makes it suitable for most bathroom sizes.

As with all standard height toilets, this toilet is comfortable for kids and anyone with small stature. With a 16.5-inch bowl height, this toilet gives short users unbeatable comfort.

Aside from the attractive design, this American Standard 2887218.020 toilet offers great value and excellent performance.

This Ultra-High Efficiency toilet is also a gravity-flush toilet and is good for water conservation. Being a dual-flush toilet, it features 0.92GPF/1.28GPF for maximum water savings. It also features a “PowerWash” rim with Siphon jet bowl technology for a powerful flush.

The American Standard 2887218.020 toilet is very easy to clean. It comes with an EVERCLEAN technology that fights off stains on the surface and makes cleaning easier. The fully glazed 2 inches trapway also helps to prevent clogs. Though this toilet doesn’t come with a seat included, it comes with a 5-years warranty.


  1. Gives an efficient and powerful flush
  2. Features an EVERCLEAN technology that fights off stains
  3. Available in round, elongated, and compact-elongated shapes
  4. Dual flush system for water conservation
  5. It comes with a 5-years warranty 


  1. Uncomfortable for tall people and those with large build
  2. Doesn’t come with a seat

To Conclude

In this article, we’ve compared and contrasted two of the best toilets on the market. The Comfort Height vs Standard Height Toilets.

We’ve looked at their features, pros, and cons to help you make an informed decision about which toilet is best for you.

Both toilets are excellent choices but the standard height toilet may be better for those who need a compact and easy-to-clean option for kids and standard-sized people.

The comfort height toilet is perfect for big guys and tall people or anyone with massive stature.

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